November 2014

After more than a few trying months filled with medical issues for myself and family, I can finally say that we have our second issue of the year.

As always, I love each and every world the writers have created.  While I’m uncomfortable by each corner in it, I adore exploring each step with caution and awe.  I do hope you enjoy the work as much as I do or at least have it linger with you as you live your day.  Because these are not just stories in the minds of our writers, but realities we live in each day.

Hope you have a wonderful reading experience.

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Bleeding Card Contest

On the second anniversary of Left Hand of the Father, we are proud to announce our first annual Bleeding Card Contest. This contest will kick-off August 20 and go through October 13.
The rules are simple.
1. Create a horror greeting card, for any holiday or birthday.
2. As with all items on this site, we are looking for good writing, good wit, and excellent composition between art and word. While a good greeting card is fun, a great greeting card gets placed in areas of honor in some homes.
3. The card must have an image owned by the person submitting the card idea, and text also owned by the person submitting it.
4. The material does not necessarily need to be dark, there is plenty of levity in darkness, but please do keep in mind that the goal of any greeting card is to make any person feel special.
5. The sky’s the limit as are the darkest bowels of Hell.
6. The image may be of any medium, but as mentioned you must own the image or have permission to use it for this project.
7. Please submit a clean draft of how you wish to make the card appear in PDF format.
8. What do you get? You will get of course, bragging rights, a flat nominal prize ($5—hoping that we will have more for the second annual contest), plus a percentage of sales of your card on the website.
9. Four (4) winners will be selected.

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Go Fund Me Page!!

This summer marks the second year of the journal. It’s time to upgrade the site and make more room and posting capabilities for videos and photographs. Plus, it’s also time for us to venture out and have those contests I’ve been dreaming about (1st contest = zombie wedding post or greeting cards). All donors will get a thank you on the site’s donor page.

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New Issue

I’ve had a bit of a hard start to the year. We had tons of family health issues which are for the most part stabilized at this point. It’s a perfect time to upload and go live with some awesome work and also establish new submission rules. We will now have continuous submissions available and we will do the next publication in August.

Again, things are going great in the household and I can never ever thank the writers who submit to our little journal for their continued support and trusting us with your work.

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Pushcart Prize nominations

Left Hand of the Father is pleased and proud to announce their Pushcart Prize nominations.

Into Kentucky by chris conroy

Ester Chan by Kary Shender

When Chale Got Queer by Samuel Arizpe

Lady Lechuza by Alyssa Aide Garcia

Day Sleeper by PW Covington

Crackhead by Benjamin Trevino

Once again, I thank the authors for their willingness to share their stories with us and allowing us to be the venue they elected for their writing. It is extremely humbling.

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Issue One–Check!

I can still remember the moment I decided to create this blog.  Thank you to Sarah and Cathy for paving the way with your own journal, without your influence, the step to create this would be left undone.

Also, thanks to the many authors who submitted.  It is delightfully frightening to see how many folks out there share the same vision of this genre and are willing to create explore the depths of man’s psyche, without fear of what can be found there.

In recent months we have seen the product of man’s ill, and question the reason why.  While I do not think we will even attempt  to explain the destruction in our world, we can at least help in determining why which is a questions that is often left unanswered in this world of our.

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Left Hand of the Father is an online journal which seeks to explore and observe the dark side of man’s emotions and psychological motivations toward the sinister and evil.

This may include but is not limited to murder, robbery, adultery or anything that a person does that makes him wonder if someone is watching.

The idea for this journal came out of a culmination of things. The first reason was my background in forensic DNA analysis, the second and my love of creative writing.

We want the writer to feel free to delve into the darkest and deepest recesses of his mind to create a world, characters and situations which are unsettling yet illuminate the human condition.

Submissions for Issue Two issue start January 22- March 31.

Issue Two is scheduled for release on April 1.

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